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TrollCard AS

Our best device ever: TC-MOBILE & TC-LLL
just released to fantastic reviews.

TrollCard® - Location and Evacuation

TrollCard® is a supplement to today's fire and evacuation systems, and will, in contrast to today's passive and static light and sign systems allow a continuous real-time overview of the localization, identification and stearable dynamic guidance for people and thus give the opportunity to direct rescuers focus on areas / people who are hindered in evacuation.
TrollCard® helps you out

Our Products

TrollCard® - Mobile

Is a - all in one - device for employees, staff, crew and rescuers. Additional to the ID, location and evacuation, this unit can give silent messages to all, groups or individuals. The most advanced version works even as a 2 way beeper.

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TrollCard® has advanced and patented products with multiple solutions for the global market with focus on safety and security. Let us tailor your requirement 
on land or at sea - only limited by your or our imagination.

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Our Products

TrollCard® - LLL

The LLL– Low Located Light (emergency light) with UPS (uninterrupted power supply) solely and independant directed by RF. This is the world first wireless bi-directional, stearable and dynamic emergency light.

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TrollCard® in Business Magazine!

Don’t see the TrollCard® evacuation and safety system as another expense, but take advantages of the other embedded features in the TrollCardã¹³tems, securing the ship or building, saving time and money in the daily operation and valuable lives in case of an emergency evacuation. - One Card - One Person - One Building or Ship.

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